Thursday, 24 December 2009


Ian Curtis with his daughter Natalie, the last picture his wife took of him

Jim Morrison

After recently watching Control (a film based on the making of Ian Curtis) i feel very inspired by it as he was quite an exceptional man. After reading the book Touching From A Distance i feel it went into more detail, with watching the film instead of building an image up in my head as you normal do when reading books, i had already gotten a image in my head which i liked better. Im inspired most by Joy division by there lyrics, Ian Curtis was a true genius and this beamed through his lyrics, with his lyrics i have yet to notice the repeat of sentences i like this as its comes across more powerfull.

I was also lucky enough to pick up The Doors film in a charity shop for 99p, i didnt know much about Jim Morrison but with watching the film i am now fully aware, and was also inspired by the film as again he was very poetic.

The clothes worn by both Ian Curtis and Jim Morrison are very much to my taste, Ian Curtis for the whole tailored look, and the trench coat. And Jim Morrison for the obvious.. leathers, thats all he really wore in the film.. oh and the amazing see-through black blouse which i have picked myself up one.

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