Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Lovely Brogues And Pretty Little Bows.

I feel very bad about that fact that i havent written a post for awhile, it`s because ive been ill and my thoughts have just been focused on getting better. Which im on the road to, I dont think it would be right of me to make a post based on fashion because i havent been a fashionista the past few days, as ive been lazy jo on the sette wearing checkered pink P J`s.

Going off track alittle i am off to London in a few weeks, i am super excited about this as it means a day full of shopping in brick lane and oxford circus this trip has been awaiting me for a while but with not being able to take time out of work and being left poor after buying christmas prezzies. I hope to pick up over-sized shirts, tailored trousers lovely brogues and pretty little bows.

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