Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Stuuupid mehh. I didnt make a post about Celine`s Spring 2010 ready to wear collection. Atleast i didnt think i did... if i did then your lucky, because your getting two.

This collection caught my eye for several reasons. I adore the colours used the camels, beiges and of course the whites, and blacks. I know most of the collection are two garments to one outfit but i think they look strong and the use of one colour adds to that, anything over the top would have made it sickly. The skin coloured long sleeved fitted top is also very lovely, something so plain but yet very affective.

Slightly venturing onto something else youde be glad to know i am now rightfully a owner of a sewing machine (which was along time overdue) and with loads of garments wanting to be made i find myself torn between the leather t-shirt, or a doll-like dress. Ummm .. seeing this collection makes me want to make the leather t-shirt.

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