Monday, 22 February 2010

Does The Mind Rule The Body

Deconstruction no matter where i go, or what i do it always seems to follow me. I dont think of this as a bad thing of course because its a way of creating new and different things.
With having another project presented to me with the inevitably "deconstruction" as the theme i wanted to create something which was more thought provoking rather than just cutting up a shirt and pieceing it back together in a different form.

As me and ma sis want to work together we wanted to show that we could collaborate using 2 minds rather than one and show that it wouldnt be a total disaster.
So we got talking, had some banter with college teachers and came up with the idea of baseing it on a film called "What Ever Happen To Baby Jane?" a 1962 american psychological horror film. The silk baby-doll dresses, ribbon waistbands and lace detail worn in the film is my inspiration for this project 'deconstruction' which i want to exaggerate because nobody likes 'plain jane' .

Im currently working on the project, so far i have brought a child size dress for £7 (which has once im sure be worn for a cinderella theme birthday party) completely taken it apart and have played around with it to get different shapes and textures. As its going to be a collaboration we decided to make a half and half outfit (i will find the word for that one day) When all is complete because everything is a little vague atm i will post pictures of designs and 'before' and 'after' shots of deeee dress.

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