Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Mirror Image

Aye up this is a little heart warming, for those of you that dont know i have a bit of obsession with half and half outfits (im not sure whether that is the right pronunciation) because they play a little game with your eyes. I also like these because i love suits on women they look awwesome.This lovely is by Alexis Mabille but in my opinion the collection goes down hill slightly.

I still cant believe i dont have a sewing machine damn you sister. I was made a promise that she would show the goods on Christmas day, which may i add was weeks ago and she didnt deliver. Now i am left with heeps of images crammed in my head of things i want to make! i could be adult about it and save my own money but spending it on things in the charity shop is much more fun. Lets see how next months wages go..ahh

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