Sunday, 28 February 2010

So it is inevitable that i must be at a festival this year, but with such a handful of good ones happening i find myself torn. ahh I heard terrible things that Glastonbury tickets are non existent any more, dead in the ground, never going to get one sort of thing which makes me want to weep as it was there what 25th anniversary soo the line-up is going to be pretttyyy awesome.
Was having banter with some girls from work discussing festivals and making little dreams of all promising ourselves to all go. Isle Of Wight Festival is looking at me with a line-up involving The Strokes, Blondie and Florence (and her machine).
Reading is out of the equation as last night year several shenanigans went down…
1. The tent got high jacked, but not the door. (ahh thanks iv always wanted to sleep on a tent door, thanks)
2. Everyone there was either obsessed with cats, or thought they were one.
3. If I hear Red Army shortly followed by Green Army ill cry.
Wow I really am selling Reading to you, I fact that I slept through Radiohead makes me hate Reading, you see I thought I’d have enough time for a power nap, this wasn’t a power nap may I add I awoke to the last drum noise of Radiohead’s last song.

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