Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Alexandra Verschueren

These are some amazing pieces from Alexandra Verschueren, all made of paper of course you couldn’t expect anything less would you? nooo

After being rushed out of class to see them, I couldn’t not make a post as they are so wonderful. I'm excited to see her 2010 collection as she has yet shown it.
If you have some money flouting around, i advise you to purchase one of these magz from the Fashion Department of the Royal Academy Of Fine Arts (show/off #2 magazine) it is filled with AMAZING editorials, however it leaves you feeling that your work is shiteee. But im still going to get one.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

No Nose, Mouth, Just Eyes.

Here are some assorted photographs i took today (my sister actually took them) of a back t-shirt I shredded to pieces. I don’t know what to piece with it whether to wear a vest underneath or just leave it fleshy um.. Take note: I have no nose, mouth, just eyes.

I’m snowed under with work at the moment doing this and that, I say that whilst I’m currently watching Hocus Pocus which is the ultimate film to take you back. I’m going to post a backlog all my work soon of that I have been working on so you can have a gander if you wish, see what has been taking up my precious time.

I also have some amazing goodies that should be coming in the post to me sooooon, good old eBay! always pulls through. I wont tell you what, ill just post a picture leave you all in suspense...

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?

How did this even happen? 'Insaneee' and believe it or not she didn't fall after this shoot.

This is the outfit made by my sister and I, theme based on 'deconstruction' which was are brief title but we then wanted to incorporate are own little something to the mix and based it on the film Whatever Happened To Baby Jane? I have already made post's with bla bla's about it. The project was to deconstruct a garment so we thought hey woe this is a brilliant time to collaborate together and make a outfit. After taking the photo's and looking back at them as you do, i cant help but think it has a Tim Burton feel to it, which is radddd.

Monday, 22 March 2010


Sorry about not posting, i am super busy with College work, as i have a interview coming up soon for a uni i have to give it my all. But i have lots of thing's i want to blog about and will be shorty after this week, gahhh wish me good luck if i dont get in my life is over.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

yummy yum yum

Pictures taken from here (Alice In Wardrobe Wonderland)
I really want to marry you Lara Stone, or just give me your look's im open to either.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang Fall 2010 collection
I’ll start with the darker colours because they just so happen to be the best. I love the material's used in this collection the velvets, sheer blacks and of course the leather(which I’m thinking about using for my entire final collection um.. its a tricky one i must say)

I’m normally not one for crop tops, unless they are exceedingly old and have natural wholes in them and are off white, but i love polar neck cropped tops in this collection.

I also love the way the fabric's look in everyone of the photo's below, you have the clean cut tailored look, followed by heavy knitwear, and then over-sized poncho/coats. My eye has also caught the tension of the proceeding tights over shoe which i think looks immense.

Sunday, 14 March 2010


Woo Hoo

Ahhhhh so I’m still being a winy little bitch about the "college work" everyone gets like this a week before/after there assessment has taken place its just what us students do (unless your a fuck up and don’t care). With a to-do-list scrolling down to the floor (yes another one!!) but this one has been written by my teachers so it HAS TO BE DONE pronto.
What with the weather being so nice outside, and I’m stuck in doors typing up bla bla's and staring at my work thinking of ways i could 'improve', but it seems the more i stare at it the more i go off of it umm , how does that work? ah plus if i wanted to go outside i couldn’t because i stepped on a plug the other day and it kills to walk on it so i may be house bound for a while.

Anywhooooo lets get some people up here for you to get you all depressed and jealous.
I cant help but think that Kate Moss wiggled her way in to getting the Gareth Pugh piece. Kate if it were mine you couldn’t have to drop a hint.
enjoy it.

Thursday, 11 March 2010


Pulling hair

On today’s agenda:

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Chloé Girl.

 Marvellous collection if I may say so myself (I want to be a Chloé girl).

Sickening Wreck

Here we have some snip snaps of last night's shenanigans. It was basically a night of alcohol, Chilli Doritos and morning kids tele (which may i add is not like it used to be). After making a sealed deal with myself to crack on with College work today i am still going strong. To have it all finished and lovely, is yet in the far distance.. however, we shall see after the long nights and coffee overdoses. ahhhumm..

Monday, 8 March 2010


Ok so today has been a ver ver constructive day, with a college assessment just around the corner i've been running around like a little busy bee trying to finish off those last minutes preparations. My room looks like a bomb has gone off right in the middle, everything is everywhere. Im still however far from finishing when i complete something, another job pop's up but i'de like to think im handlying it well. With a doodled down to-do-list i still find myself slowwwwwwwly but shortly ticking them off.

Picture of the day (i hope you dont mind alice) click here to see Alice's blog.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Viktor & Rolf

A very well done is in aide. Viktor & Rolf's Fall 2010 collection actually made my jaw drop and it didn’t come back up for a while. After there much loved S/S 2010 collection they have yet again reminded us why we admirer them like we do. Although I’m not very fond of the material chosen as I don’t like glitz but the shape and detail to the eye to amazingggg.
Viktor & Rolf appeared on a revolving stage to dress Maggie Rizer in nine layers of crystal-encrusted dresses. What a women.
McMenamy was joined by Viktor & Rolf, who proceeded to remove one piece of her clothing one by one and dress the models in them ready for the catwalk.
The collection consisted of giant tweed capes that turned into a coats, a leather coat that reversed to a beaded one and we are seeing lots of crystal-studded pieces, Sheer fabrics and zips, but still in the faze of those baby-doll dresses. And those all important button up shirt's, which may i add i will NEVEget bored of.

I really would like one of these, getting on the bus would maybe cause a bit of difficulty.

Two outfit's made in one. They know me to well.

All pictures are taking from