Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Comme des Garcons

I am fashionable late with this post but every time I enter the world of my laptop refuses to play. Black leather shoulder brace over a nude netting t-shirt? Yes ill take it. Ill also take a pair of the polka dot cycling shorts, I am normally not one for polka dots but there is something about these. The high waisted tailored trousers with socks and school boy black shoes are also a must have pieced with a sheer black blouse ahh i want that outfit, but the amount of tailored trousers I own is mega. But because I’m a dull moody bitch and hate colour I’m not keen on the poodle hair and the brightly coloured patchwork skirt and the red glitter. 

Looking back through the pictures, I’ve decided i want the girls faces as well they almost look dead they are so white I’m not sure whether that’s because there placed by such a vibrant colour (the hair). Tomatoe tomato I love it either way.

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