Tuesday, 30 March 2010

No Nose, Mouth, Just Eyes.

Here are some assorted photographs i took today (my sister actually took them) of a back t-shirt I shredded to pieces. I don’t know what to piece with it whether to wear a vest underneath or just leave it fleshy um.. Take note: I have no nose, mouth, just eyes.

I’m snowed under with work at the moment doing this and that, I say that whilst I’m currently watching Hocus Pocus which is the ultimate film to take you back. I’m going to post a backlog all my work soon of that I have been working on so you can have a gander if you wish, see what has been taking up my precious time.

I also have some amazing goodies that should be coming in the post to me sooooon, good old eBay! always pulls through. I wont tell you what, ill just post a picture leave you all in suspense...

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