Sunday, 14 March 2010

Woo Hoo

Ahhhhh so I’m still being a winy little bitch about the "college work" everyone gets like this a week before/after there assessment has taken place its just what us students do (unless your a fuck up and don’t care). With a to-do-list scrolling down to the floor (yes another one!!) but this one has been written by my teachers so it HAS TO BE DONE pronto.
What with the weather being so nice outside, and I’m stuck in doors typing up bla bla's and staring at my work thinking of ways i could 'improve', but it seems the more i stare at it the more i go off of it umm , how does that work? ah plus if i wanted to go outside i couldn’t because i stepped on a plug the other day and it kills to walk on it so i may be house bound for a while.

Anywhooooo lets get some people up here for you to get you all depressed and jealous.
I cant help but think that Kate Moss wiggled her way in to getting the Gareth Pugh piece. Kate if it were mine you couldn’t have to drop a hint.
enjoy it.

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