Thursday, 29 April 2010

i’m in NEED of a new wardrobe

MY COMPUTER IS BROKEN I’m truly upset, as far as the saying goes "you never know what you have until its gone" blah blah something along the lines of that. IT'S TRUE I’m so sad and i have no life. I've just quickly jumped on my sisters laptop to make a post for you all because I don’t know how long Mr laptop will be dead for it could be a long recovery.. Payday is looming which makes my situations much more better, maybe a trip to London may be in full swing, i’m in NEED of a new wardrobe everyday has now turned into a task to dress myself. Sorry to skip to the skip but time is of the essence.. I found an AMAZING fashion designer meets technology who does some crazzzzzy things based on the body. She goes by the name of Lucy McRae and lives in Amsterdam so if you happen to drop in, try and track her down, she seems like the greatest woman alive.

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  1. Sid Lee Montreal organized a meet up with Lucy during the 2011 Sid Lee Collective bootcamp. Here is a video :