Saturday, 29 May 2010


Guy'sssssss if you aren't wearing thou Tach you need to. I would if i were a guy.
                                  orrrr i could make a"d.i.y" one,but it's just not the same.

Monday, 24 May 2010


It's here folks... Am I grateful? YES I’ve been up since half 7 but it’s okayyy, because it’s sunny outside. Summertime is just an all round good thing I feel; people are generally more happy and care-free. Everyone has a pinkie/reddy tint in their skin, some are just red raw (because we brits are used to the high temps). The only bad thing about Summertime, is that you still have to carry on with your daily duties i.e. work, and when you see guys come in and there like "its SOO hot outside" you just feel like saying ah well thankssss, Dampen my day some more. I spent the day in the sun yesterday, so today with work on the agenda i'm not to upset.
I am yet to of had a BBQ, probably because the prospect of all that meat is scaryyyy.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Gareth Pugh Fall 2010 Collection

I call myself a Fashion Student... Should I really? Because I’ve just scene Gareth Pugh's Fall 2010 Collection. He has done what he does best, which is using dark colours. However, I’m not too keen on the men’s bodice's (if that's what you wish to call them) I find it all a little to matrix for my fashion liking. I do like the padded Leather Jacket though. 

I like his Women's collection more, the long cobwebbed jackets, the tight spandex trousers and the padded leather jackets. YUMMY.

Friday, 21 May 2010

My Inspirations

Patti Smith, Edie Sedgwick, Alexa Chung, Courtney Love, Natalie Portman ( Leon), Chloe Sevigny, ect...

Thursday, 20 May 2010


I can’t do anything but draw...draw...draw. However the more I draw the more messy/obscure they become which is kind of a good thing yah? After leaving College early for the second time this week, I can't just sit here doing nothing so at least I’m being productive with the very short time I have to complete everything. Fashion Shows are SOO hard to organize geeez. Where to begin, when to end? If i had my way, we would all be outside, on antique chairs never knowing when we may fall off...

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

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Pierre Hardy For Gap

I am SO excited that these shoes are joining my collection of shoes upon shoes upon more shoes. I love them so much I’m going to sleep in them, bathe in them and eat out of them.


CHADWICK TYLER That's all that needs to be said in this post, anything else will simple ruin it. All picture's taken from Here

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

THE TORNADOES/Bustin'Surfboards

Fashion Inspiration

My fashion Inspirations are coming from 60's inspired films, such as The Boat That Rocked, Quadrophenia, Factory Girl ect.., with a mix of 70's inspired films like Taking Woodstock. I wish I had the ball's to cut my hair into a marvellous bob and have eyes so black they just look like black hole’s from afar. 

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Black And White Photography

You’re be glad to know that my obsession with Edie Sedgwick is unsalted at the moment, as of everything else. I've booked my Theory Test for 2 weeks time, am I confident? No. Have I passed the online "Mock" test once? No. Have I wasted £51 pounds? YES.
The Highway Code is my daily dose of readage, so maybe I will magically become a driving genius.
More to the point of the picture's above, just a combination of some picture's I likeeee and have collected along the way.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

She's Like A Rainbow

Am i too obsessed? i'll stop.

Girl On Fire

My Book arrived, i am most excited to read it.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

"Your The Boss, AppleSauce"

I watch way to many films, today's film was Factory Girl which was about Edie Sedgwick (of course) as she is my love at the moment. Also my views on Andy Warhol have changed, although in the film The Doors he kind of show's his cynical side, It's shown much more in this film. If you get some free time on your hand's please do watch it. Sienna Miller play's a very good Edie Sedgwick if i may say so myself.

Edie Sedgwick

This is an over-due post, after (dare I say it) stalking her via YouTube/Google and anything else that is Edie Sedgwick related. Everyday I wish I was a 60's model, just their innocence and natural beauty. So effortlessly cool, with their boyish haircuts, but child-like clothes. One day eh?
Edie wasn't just a model she was an American actress, and she was one of Andy Warhol's muses (hence why I’ve added a few picture's of them together.) I am awaiting a book in the post, which is all about her, im so excited to receive it I know im going to be deaf whilst reading it, totally taken in. And get even more jealous, I just don’t no why I put myself through it.
GOSH, I spotted a 1960's video camera in the charity shop the other day, ahh I REALLY want one. must must must get one soon.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Nowhere BOY

Nowhere BOY
Today I watched Nowhere Boy, after reading an article about it in a mag, I knew it would be "ma kinddda film" I know myself to well. I’ma lil late with watching it as it was released in 2009 however it has now been watched. If you're not in touch with the film, it’s based on John Lennon, a story set on his teenage years which is the start of his journey of becoming a musician (oh if you’re trying to quit smoking, I advise you don’t watch it, as someone is ALWAYS having a smoke). It made me want to:
- Start a Rock&Roll band

- Buy a banjo
- Have prescribed spectacles
as a footnote for this post, here is a picture of a"cool" guy, I spotted him and couldn't walk away without a photograph.
Uttt Ohh! hand in way of the vivienne westwood label..

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Christopher Esber

Christopher Esber,Sheer Fabrics, leather, tailored shirts, all black Strapless bra's and material openly cut. A beautiful S/S 10-11 collection by Christopher Esber. If you have yet to have seen it, please do have a look as it’s inspired me very much so.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Shoes i purchased today, a lovely green colour (this pictures doesnt give them any justice).

Some pictures i took todaaaaaaya. MY LAPTOP IS ALIVE, i know i know get over it right? i just can't. I have so much work to do, and now well i can crack on with it. So i hope you enjoy looking at the inside of my closet (well outside).

I want everything, everything is what i want.

I want everything, everything is what i want.
So in this picture of heaven, we have ankle socks with Gap look-a-like shoes, and if you have working eyes, you will see an eye ring which I’ve been longing for. Also a Stella McCartney denim button down skirt and some pieces from designers such as Chloe, Celine and Comme des Garcons. Maxi dresses/skirts, lots of Nude colours. Over-sized men’s work shorts with black ankle socks with a pair of typical "school shoes" and last but certainly not least *Creepers* will i ever own a pair of my own? you ask. Well maybe.. If the fundings go to plan (which never happens).