Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Edie Sedgwick

This is an over-due post, after (dare I say it) stalking her via YouTube/Google and anything else that is Edie Sedgwick related. Everyday I wish I was a 60's model, just their innocence and natural beauty. So effortlessly cool, with their boyish haircuts, but child-like clothes. One day eh?
Edie wasn't just a model she was an American actress, and she was one of Andy Warhol's muses (hence why I’ve added a few picture's of them together.) I am awaiting a book in the post, which is all about her, im so excited to receive it I know im going to be deaf whilst reading it, totally taken in. And get even more jealous, I just don’t no why I put myself through it.
GOSH, I spotted a 1960's video camera in the charity shop the other day, ahh I REALLY want one. must must must get one soon.

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