Monday, 10 May 2010

Nowhere BOY

Nowhere BOY
Today I watched Nowhere Boy, after reading an article about it in a mag, I knew it would be "ma kinddda film" I know myself to well. I’ma lil late with watching it as it was released in 2009 however it has now been watched. If you're not in touch with the film, it’s based on John Lennon, a story set on his teenage years which is the start of his journey of becoming a musician (oh if you’re trying to quit smoking, I advise you don’t watch it, as someone is ALWAYS having a smoke). It made me want to:
- Start a Rock&Roll band

- Buy a banjo
- Have prescribed spectacles
as a footnote for this post, here is a picture of a"cool" guy, I spotted him and couldn't walk away without a photograph.
Uttt Ohh! hand in way of the vivienne westwood label..

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