Monday, 24 May 2010


It's here folks... Am I grateful? YES I’ve been up since half 7 but it’s okayyy, because it’s sunny outside. Summertime is just an all round good thing I feel; people are generally more happy and care-free. Everyone has a pinkie/reddy tint in their skin, some are just red raw (because we brits are used to the high temps). The only bad thing about Summertime, is that you still have to carry on with your daily duties i.e. work, and when you see guys come in and there like "its SOO hot outside" you just feel like saying ah well thankssss, Dampen my day some more. I spent the day in the sun yesterday, so today with work on the agenda i'm not to upset.
I am yet to of had a BBQ, probably because the prospect of all that meat is scaryyyy.

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