Friday, 25 June 2010


College is now OVER, yes its official I am actually no longer a "student" (until September) I’m missing having something on my mind 24. 7 but at the same time I feel free. So, so far I have been to the beach, slept like a baby, drank a hell of a lot of milk, dwelled that im not at Glastonbury, spent all my wages, painted my nails several colours (which is much fun) and had talks about how to pronounce David Bowie, but.. at the end we were in fact told that its not his name anyway so who gives a damn how you say it (and then we proceeded to get drunk).
As a footnote to this post i would like to say I’m trying my very best to get a video of the whole fashion show so hopefully soon I will post a little snip snap of it.

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